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Tambopata is a district that is part of the department of Madre de Dios, whose capital is Puerto Maldonado located near the border with Bolivia and Brazil. It is a place where you can appreciate the richness in biodiversity.

98% of its territory is virgin forest, and is the place with the lowest population density in Peru.

Day 1: Cusco - Madre de Dios

The departure from Cusco will be the previous day at approximately 10:00 pm by bus.

We’ll pick you up 7:00 am from the bus terminal to start this amazing adventure, you will have 1 hour to rest. we will go by boat by Madre de Dios river for about 40 minutes to the Eco Lodge. After leaving our luggage we’ll begin a walk through the woods where we can see a variety of birds and wildlife.

Then we’ll visit the Monkey Island, characteristic name since there are different species of monkeys and we’ll enjoy their monads.

After this day of adventure we’ll return to the Lodge and after our dinner we will walk to see wildlife at night such as birds and insects.

We’ll return to the lodge and rest approximately at 7:00 pm.

Day 2: Tambopata - Madre de Dios

After a good breakfast in the lodge, we’ll leave heading to Tambopata National Reserve to visit Lake Sandoval and the reserve, starting by registering on the control post.

After a walk where we can see a huge variety of flora and fauna, we’ll reach Lake Sandoval to enjoy a good bath in its waters (optional), tasting a traditional lunch outdoors while we observe the beautiful nature of the place, shortly after we will go by boat around the lake, where apart of observing different varieties of birds, we’ll get delighted by the playful river wolves animals that will cheer up our trip.

To end our fascinating day we’ll return to the lodge for our dinner and take a rest. 

Day 3: Madre de Dios - Cusco

This day like the others days will begin our adventure very early at about 4:30 am and we’ll embark on a boat on Madre de Dios River to reach the special place called "clay lick", where from a certain distance we can appreciate the arrival of the great variety of parrots and probably macaws, parakeets, ferruginous pygmy owl and other birds.

Around 7:00 am, we’ll return to our lodge to enjoy the last breakfast, finally we’ll return to Puerto Maldonado. We´ll board our bus at approximately 8:00 pm, returning to Cusco the next day at 7:00 am.

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