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👥 Minimum number of people: 2

⌚ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


Inkilltambo is one of the new experiences in Cusco. The full day trek from Cusco takes you to the archaeological site close to the complex of Sacsayhuaman. In addition, you will also be visiting the temple of monkeys and the temple of the moon.

We will start this One Day Hike to Inkilltambo by picking you up 8:00 am from your hotel in Cusco. Then we will embark in a 15 minutes journey to the trail head. Inkilltambo is an archaeological site just off the city of Cusco. The path is through beautiful Inca trails, without large slopes.

The word, Inkilltambo derives from Quechua. It means Incas Prison. The place was never a prison. In fact, it was a site where the Incas rested while travelling around the massive Inca empire.

After 3 hours of walking, and having seen other places of interest, we will arrive at Inkilltambo, where we will take our time to visit the ruins. Another 40 minutes of trail separate us until we reach the exit. From there, 1.5 hours of descent to reach the Plaza de Armas, where our tour ends.

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